Blue Chip League – Prize Pool:

Prize Pool: €

Blue Chip Final – First Tuesday of Every Month

 It will run from the 1st to the last day of the month and the final will be on the 1st Tuesday of the next month unless otherwise stated.

To create the prize pool, there will be €1 taken from each pot over €100, players are awarded a Blue Chip worth 1 point for every pot they win over a €100.

The 20 players with the most points will then come in and play for the money.

Each point is worth 500 chips for the monthly cash tournament final, so player with 50 blue chips will start with a 25 000 stack.

Plus €1000 will be added by the D1 CLUB.

Bonus Payment of 50 in free bets for Qualifiers for the final with €51 Blue Chips and €100 for any over 100 Blue Chips.


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13 Aug 2024


8:00 pm
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