Blackjack is one of the most popular and widely played casino games around the world, due to its exciting blend of skill and chance. At the D1 Casino, stay smart and you’ll be sure to reach that all important 21!

The objective is to beat the Dealer’s hand with a combination of 2 or more cards, without exceeding a hard total of 21. Are you going to stick, twist, split or double down?!

Remember that there are more 10’s in the deck, so ignore all the advice and go with your gut.


Game Description

Six standard decks of 52 playing cards are used in Blackjack with Player positions from 1 to 7 at the table.
The object of the game is to achieve a hand total greater than the Dealer hand without exceeding 21.

Value of cards:
Ace: 11 or 1.
Pictures/Court cards i.e. Kings, Queens and Jacks: 10.
All other cards are valued at their face value.

A Blackjack is the first two cards dealt, with a combination of one Ace and one Picture or Ten. The Blackjack is the highest combination paid on completion of the initial deal 3-2 odds, should the Dealer card not be a Court card, 10 or an Ace.
One to seven Player positions/boxes are available at the table. To participate in the game, the Player must place an appropriate wager within the Player box, prior to the initial deal (first card dealt). Up to three Players may play one box at the same time.
Following the Dealer announcement of “No more bets”, Players may not adjust, remove or add to their initial wager.
The Dealer shall commence the initial deal by drawing the first card from the shoe and place it face up to the first box containing a wager, the process repeated working from left to right around the table until each Player receives their first card. The Dealer will receive the next card, also face up and then each Player dealt their second card in order.
Players may not touch the cards.


Each hand total is achieved by adding the point total of the cards, i.e. the Player cards are 6 and King, the total for that hand is 16. Players may request additional card(s) dealt to their box to improve their hand total, should the additional card(s) cause the hand total to exceed 21, the hand will lose (bust) and the cards and wagers are removed by the Dealer.
Hands combinations using an Ace, totalling 21 are always considered 21 not 11.
The Dealer shall draw cards up to the total of 17, hand totals of 17 or higher, are always considered a hard total and no further cards are drawn. The Dealer hand exceeding a total of 21 will lose (bust). In this case all valid player wagers are paid.
Should the Dealer achieve a total of e.g. 17, their hand will be compared to each Player hand in turn. Players with a higher hand total of the Dealer will be paid “even money” (1-1 odds), hands lower than the Dealers shall lose and Player hands equal to the Dealers will be a “standoff”

Should the Players first two cards have the same value, the Player may choose to split them into two individual hands by placing an additional amount equal to their initial wager on the box, each hand will be dealt another card in turn. Hands can only be split up to 3 times on any individual box.

Should there be multiple Player wagers on a box; the first Player wager at the front of the box has the option to split.
Players, who choose not to split, will have their wager placed on the first hand only. When Aces are split, the Player will only receive one card in addition to each Ace, an Ace and Ten or a Court card after splitting is not considered a Blackjack.

Players may choose to double their wager on their initial two cards, except for Blackjack, by placing an amount an equal to the first wager – the hand shall only receive one card.
Should there be multiple Players on a box, the first Player will make the decision to double or not, other Players may only double their wager if the first Player decides to double or may choose not to double their wager.


After the initial deal and each box has received the initial two cards, Players may decide to “surrender” their hand, in this case the Dealer will remove half of the initial wager and the Players cards.
Players may surrender against any dealer card except for an Ace, the Dealer will give each Player the opportunity to surrender prior to any further cards drawn.

In case that the Dealers first card is an Ace, Players may choose to insure their bet against the Dealer receiving a Blackjack. Should the Dealer receive a Blackjack, insurance wagers are paid at 2-1 odds; in all other cases, the insurance wagers will lose. The minimum wager for insurance is half of the table minimum and the maximum is the half the amount of the Players initial wager.

Even Money
When the Dealers first card is an Ace and a Player has Blackjack, the Dealer will offer to pay the Blackjack “even money” 1-1 odds, after the initial deal and before further cards are dealt. Should the Player choose even money, the Dealer will pay the wager and remove the Players cards. If the Player chooses not to receive the even money payment and the Dealer receives a Blackjack, the Player bet will be a standoff or the Dealer fails to achieve a Blackjack, the Player wager will be paid 3-2 odd.











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